Practice makes perfect


private key

GitHub provides clear instructions how to create a private key and how to use it to perform git actions like cloning repositories and pushing changes.

The bare minimum is creating a private key and adding the public key to a git repository:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "some-user@some-domain"

Once this command is run, a password has to be entered. Finally, the public key has to be copied and pasted to the git repository. One could issue:

cat ~/.ssh/

to get the content of the public key. Note: never check the content of the private key as this is private and should remain on your laptop. If you decided to clone repositories on a new laptop, never copy an existing key, but create a new one! Ensure that you are the only person that is allowed to read the private key, by running:

chmod 0400 ~/.ssh/id_rsa